EMST Lab, Dept. of EEE, IIT Dharwad


Sl. No. Project Title Funding Agency PI / Co-PI Amount(Lakhs) Duration
1  ARTICULATE + : A system for Automated Assessment and Rehabilitation of Persons with Articulation Disorders IMPRINT (PI) 104 2017-2020
2 Nasospeech: Development of diagnostic system for severity assessment of the disordered speech DBT (PI) 59.69 2017-2020
3 Speech based access of agricultural commodity prices and weather information in eleven Indian languages / dialects DIT (CoPI) 69 2014-2017
4 Emotional Speech Processing using Source, System and Suprasegmental Features DST (Co-PI) 11.85 2013-2015
5 Multimodal Broadcast Analytics - Structured Evedence Visualization for Event of Security Concern DIT (Co-PI) 139 2013-2017
6 Acoustic and Tonal Features Based Analysis of Mizo DIT (Co-PI) 73 2012-2015
7 Digital Preservation Analysis and Technology Development of the Languages of the North-East DIT (Co-PI) 203.96 2012-2017
8 Development of Computer Aided Tools for Speech and Language Learning IBM (PI) 15 2011-2014
9 Development of Text to Speech System in Assamese and Manipuri Languages TDIL division, DIT (PI) 108 Jan12-Mar17
10 Speech based multi-level person authentication system DIT (PI) 162 Apr 12-Mar 16
11 Prosodically guided phonetic engine in Assamese DIT (PI) 40 Dec 11-June16
12 Development of online handwriting recognition system in Assamese DIT (PI) 70 Jan 11-June 16
13 Development of Medical Image Processing Laboratory (FIST) DST (Co-PI) 110 Oct 10-Sept 15
14 Agricultural commodities recognition system in Assamese DIT (Co-PI) 57.62 Apr 10-Mar 12
15 Person authentication system based on speaker verification DIT (PI) 109 Apr 09-Mar12
16 Study of source features for speech synthesis and speaker recognition UKIERI (PI) 50 Sept 07- Dec 11
17 Keyword spotting in continuous speech DST (PI) 10 Dec 05-Dec 08


Dr. S. R. Mahadeva Prasanna

Professor, Dept. of EEE

Indian Institute of Technology, Dharwad

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