EMST Lab, Dept. of EEE, IIT Dharwad


Students Guidance:

Degree Completed Ongoing
PhD 10 18
MTech 26 01
BTech 35 01

PhD Students Guidance:

Sl. No. Student Name Title Duration Joint Supervisor (if any)
1 P. Krishnamoorthy Combined temporal and spectral processing methods for speech enhancement 2005-2009
2 H. S. Jayanna Limited data speaker recognition 2005-2009
3 Debadatta Pati Subsegmental, segmental and suprasegmental processing of linear prediction residual for speaker information 2007-2011
4 Sumitra Shukla Speech Recognition under Stressed Condition 2007-2014 Prof. S. Dandapat
5 Sunil Y Improving Children’s Speech Recognition under Mismatched Condition using Artificial Bandwidth Extenstion 2008-2016 Prof. R. Sinha
6 Govind D Epoch based dynamic prosody modification for neutral to expressive speech conversion 2008-2013
7 Gayadhar Pradhan Speaker Verification under Degraded Conditions using Vowel-like and Nonvowel-like Regions 2009-2013
8 Deepak K. T Foreground Speech Segmentation and Enhancement July 2010-Nov 2016
9 Ramesh K. K. Analysis of Glottal Signals for Speaker Information July 2011-
10 Biswajit Dev Sarma Vowel-like region based acoustic-phonetic analysis for phone recognition July 2011-Jan 2017
11 Nagaraj Adiga Glottal activity based features to improve the quality of Statistical Parametric Speech Synthesis Jan 2012- May 2017
12 Ramesh Kumar Bhukya Human assisted speaker recognition July 2012-
13 Rohan Kumar Das Speaker Verification Using Short Utterances Jan 2013-Sept 2017-
14 Banriskhem K Konglah Speech Specific Knowledge Based Methods for Processing Broadcast Audio Jan 2013-Oct 2017
15 Bidisha Sharma Enhancement of Synthesized speech for Improving Naturalness and Intelligibility July 2013-
16 Rajib Sharma Empirical Mode Decomposition for Adaptive AM-FM analysis of Speech July 2013-Oct 2017
17 Subhasis Mandal Modeling of Basic Unit in Online Handwriting Recognition July 2013- Dr S Sundaram
18 Himakshi Choudhury Personalized handwriting synthesis July 2014-
19 Sishir Kalita Analysis and detection of articulation errors in cleft lip and palate (CLP) speech July 2014- Prof. S. Dandapat
20 Akhilesh Kumar Dubey Analysis and severity grading of hypernasality in cleft lip and palate (CLP) speech July 2014- Prof. S. Dandapat
21 Vikram C M Acoustic-phonetic analysis of stops in Cleft Lip and Palate speech Jan 2015-
22 Protima Nomo Sudro Analysis of velopharngeal behaviour of cleft lip and palate(CLP) speech Jan 2015-
23 Shikha Baghel News Debate Processing July 2015- Dr Prithwijit Guha
24 Moakala Tzudir Dialect Identification July 2015- Dr. Priyankoo Sarmah
25 Saswati Rabha Phonetic Engine of Rabha Language July 2015- Dr. Priyankoo Sarmah
26 Sarfaraz Jelil Speaker Verification January 2016- Prof. Rohit Sinha
27 Mrinmoy Bhattacharjee Audio Processing in Movies January 2016- Dr Prithwijit Guha
28 Parismita Gogoi Dialect Identification July 2016 - Dr. Priyankoo Sarmah

MTech Students Guidance:

Sl. No. Student Name Title Duration Joint Supervisor (if any)
1 SQN. LDR. R Aravindh Speech Enhancement and Speech Stress Analysis for Combat Field Environments 2016
2 Sree Nilendra Gadre Multispeaker data processing using excitation source information 2014
3 Suman Deb Speaker verification using speaker specific behavioral features 2013
4 Rathlavath Krishna Naik Assamese handwritten strokes recognition using hidden Markov models 2013
4 Sandeep Reddy C Development of bilingual speech synthesis system 2013
5 G. Siva Reddy Handwritten isolated character recognition using HMM 2012
7 Manoj Kumar Patil Automatic extraction of QRS complexes in ECG using Hilbert envelope and zero frequency filtering approaches 2011
8 J. Jitendra Jain Handwritten numeral recognition and its application 2011
9 Soyuz Kumar Sahoo Bimodal person authentication using speech and face under degraded condition 2011
10 Sowmya S Isolated handwritten numeral recognition 2010
11 Sharad Prasad Gochayat Person identification using electrocardiogram 2010
12 Tarun Choubisa Normalization and fusion techniques for multimodal biometric person verification 2010
13 V S S Varaprasad Ramoju Multimodal biometric person authentication using handwriting, face, speech and signature features 2009
14 Venkateswararao Kagita Speech-interactive email system using keyword spotting 2009
15 Gayadhar Pradhan Speaker recognition using vowel and non-vowel like regions 2009
16 Ch. Vijay Kumar Variable frame size and rate analysis for extracting speaker specific information 2008
17 Kartik Podugu Multimodal biometric person authentication using face, speech and signature features 2008
18 B. V. Sandeep Reddy Keyword spotting in continuous speech using VOP, VQ and HMM based techniques 2008
19 Yugandhar Patnana Keyword spotting in continuous speech using VQ and HMM models 2007
20 V. Anil Kumar Partial encryption of speech using speech-specific knowledge 2007 A. Mitra
21 Murali Kashyap Time frequency analysis for speech recognition under limited data condition 2007 J. S. Sahambi
22 Rajesh Korrayi Multimodal biometric person authentication using speech and signature features 2007 J. S. Sahambi
23 Kiran Bakki Speech enhancement in two speaker environment using source and system features 2006
24 Namani Gandhi Speech enhancement using spectral and temporal weighting 2006
25 Kali Charan Gajula Speaker recognition from GSM coded speech using vocal tract and excitation source information 2006
26 Y. V. Subba Rao Symmetric key image encryption techniques using image specific knowledge 2006 A. Mitra

BTech Students Guidance:

Sl. No. Student Name Title Duration Joint Supervisor (if any)
1 Shreyank Nishant New methods for speech signal processing and analysis 2016
2 Aman Ashwin and Ankit Bansal All pass filter based source modeling for Hidden Markov model speech synthesis system 2016
3 Simandhar Jain and Rajeev Daipuriya Codebook generation using integrated LP residual for Statistical parameteric speech synthesis 2016
4 Chilakani Mahesh and Prasanth Jampana Speaker recognition in a text dependent scenario-I 2016
5 Varchit Bansal and Prabalakanti Dash Speaker recognition in a text dependent scenario-II 2016
6 Ankit Agarwal and Sushant Kumar Characterization of Stop Bursts in Cleft-Lip and Palate (CLP) 2016
7 Harish Bohara and Tarun Reddy Yadama Frication analysis for speech recognition in Indian Languages 2016
8 Salil Mamodiya and Lav Kumar Text Independent Speaker Recognition under Limited Data 2016
9 Akhil Babu Manam and Tummala Sai Revanth Text Independent Speaker Recognition under Limited Data 2016
10 Ravi Shankr, Arpit Jain, and Harshitha Maley Information retrieval from speech signal 2015
11 Asuthosh Pandey, and Naresh Gupta Significance of Glottal Activity Detection for Limited Data Speaker Verification under degraded Condition 2015
12 Shubham Mittal and Kartik Dwivedi Audio-visual emotion recognition 2014
13 B. Venugopal Naik and D. Ashok Naik Development of speaker verification system 2014
14 M. Sudeep and G. Venkataramana Development of text dependent speaker verification system 2013
15 Hosea Pradeep K. and Prabal Tirkey Development of isolated digit recognizer for IVR system 2013
16 Kamera Damodar Development of text-dependent speaker verification system 2012
17 Sukanya Sonowal and Vineel Kambala Biometric information from ECG signal for spoof resistance 2012
18 Sasikant Bendapudi and Srikanth Dasika A robust system for face recognition 2011
19 Suraj Satishkumar Sheth Extraction of pitch from speech signals using Hilbert Huang Transform 2011
20 P. Hemanth and M. Vijay Kuma Stressed speech classification 2009
21 G. Naresh and K. Srinivas Reddy HMM based phoneme recognition system 2009
22 Kailash Patil and Kritika Muralidharan Exploration of new feature extraction methods for speaker recognition 2008
23 bhinav Singh and Ashna Dhanda Music information retrieval 2007
24 Abhishek Rawat and Naresh K Bansal Usefulness of excitation source and suprasegmental features in speech and speaker recognition 2006
25 Kriti Sundar Das Keyword spotting in continuous speech 2007
26 Mohit Jaju and Abhinav Jalwal Fusion of offline and online signature verification techniques to develop a hybrid system 2007
27 Aakash Subramanian and Smarjit Das Principal component analysis of cursive handwritten script for biometric person authentication 2006
28 Nitin Singhal and Atul Kumar Srivastava Speech watermarking and its security 2006
29 Manohar Ayinala and K. Vivekanand Recognition of keywords in continuous speech using vector quantization 2006
30 Arshdeep Jindal and Vikas Kumar Singh Speech steganography 2006
31 Dhanendra Kumar Sharma and Vimal Singh Secure speech commuication by permutation techniques 2006
32 M. L. N. P. P. Prasanth and Sankalp Sah Exploring new methods for extraction of pitch 2005
33 Rajesh Kumar and Sourav Kumar Text dependent speaker recognition using segmental and suprasegmental features of speech 2005
34 Ishwar Singh Bhati and Vijender Khatri Speaker separation in multispeaker environment 2005
35 Ankur Goel and Ankush Samant Offline biometric person authentication using handwritten cursive script 2005


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