IITDh supplies 500 face shields for KIMS doctors

Research scholars, faculty members at IIT Dharwad along with volunteers residing in Dharwad town with the continuous help and support from the office of DC, Dharwad and KIMS Hospital doctors, have fabricated about 500 face shields to be provided for health care workers that has been done following WHO guidelines.

Face shield is part of the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and acts as a physical barrier against the respiratory droplets sneezed or coughed out by the patients. Ideally, health workers are expected to wear this over and above their goggles and face mask.

Prof. Somashekara M A, Department of Mechanical Engineering, on the effort, said: “When we came to know from the office of DC, Dharwad there is an immediate need of 500 face shields for COVID 19 at KIMS hospital, we started printing different types of prototypes using 3D printing technology”. The doctors appreciated the light weight and elegant design of the face shield.


Inter IIT Cultural Meet 2019

Sameer Dohadwaala bagged the Gold Medal in the English Creative Writing Competition by securring 1st place, The dramatics team finished in 6th place in the Stage Play and Mr. M. Nitish Kumar finished in 11th place (out of 39 participants) in the English poetry slam competition.


Inter-IIT Tech Meet 2019: IIT Dharwad Schlumberger Coding Hackathon team bagged Gold Medal

The Inter IIT Tech Meet 8.0 Coding Hackathon was organized in partnership with Schlumberger. The problem statement for this year's hackathon was: Roads' Leasing and Maintenance System. The team had to design a system for the government within 36 hours that could crowd-source data about road construction progress and also collect road quality feedback from the citizens. The team came up with a working prototype SAFE - Society for Accident Free Environment, with the strategy "Check and Balance" where the contractor claims their progress and the citizens verify it. The team introduced gamification techniques and a social-media inspired user interface to encourage crowd-participation. There were two parts to the system:

  • (i) Mobile Application: A portable app that can be used by citizens and contractors on the go.
  • (ii) Web-based Dashboard: A GUI for detailed analysis and statistics, which will allow government officials to manage and resolve issues efficiently.

Congratulations to the team members Charu Agarwal, Srishti Srivastava, Aman and Sonu Sourav!!!

Inter-IIT Tech Meet 2019: IIT Dharwad Bosch Algorithm team bagged Bronze Medal

Route optimization was an event by BOSCH with an aim to design an algorithm that optimizes routes for the employee transportation systems for firms. As a solution the team had developed a sequential clustering algorithm that designs routes for a given set of pickup points and one common drop point. It reduces employee transportation cost for the firm along with focusing on timely pickup and drop off and on-time trips. It manages the allocation of vehicles and designs routes with the bus as a transportation mode incorporating other realistic constraints like changing routes and redefining new routes.

Congratulations to the team members Rupesh Kalantre, Janhavikumari Dadhania, Harsh Raj, Abhishek Raj and Ashish Kupsad!!!

UAV Team secured the Fourth position:

UAV Fleet Challenge was an event organized in partnership with DRDO SASE with an aim to develop Quadcopter drones capable of autonomous flight and object detection using an onboard processor. The team built a swarm focused on low-speed stability using Pixhawk as the flight controller and Ardupilot firmware. Using a flooding based communication approach, drones publish their current GPS coordinates for Collision Avoidance and box location to all drones for cross-referencing. GPS coordinates were obtained and appropriate movement commands were sent by Dronekit API which has access to all Ardupilot parameters in real-time. The team used basic OpenCV for object detection instead of a deep learning frameworks approach, taking the low processing power of RPI into consideration.

Congratulations to the team members Sohan Anisetty, Rishit Saiya, Rishabh Tripathi, Akhilesh Bharadwaj, Akhil Manoj, Shreyas Sathe, Rushikesh Dixit, Aman Singal and Sameer Dohadwalla!!!

A team from IIT Dharwad secured third prize in the Embedded Security Challenge

A team from IIT Dharwad secured third prize in the Embedded Security Challenge of the Indian edition of CSAW'19, held at IIT Kanpur. Congratulations to the team members Arpit Agrawal, Jay Garchar, Anudeep Tubati, and Rohan Shrothrium


S.N. Bose Scholars Program

Ms. Charu Agarwal (3rd year B.Tech. student) has been selected for S. N. Bose Scholars Program.

Excellent performance by IIT Dharwad students at 7th Inter-IIT Tech Meet 2018.

Excellent performance by IIT Dharwad students at 7th Inter-IIT Tech Meet 2018. The Meet was held at IIT Bombay from 18th to 20th December 2018.

A team consists of Samveed Desai, Punyashlok Panda, Rohan Deshpande, Ayush Bhandari, Anurag Arjunan, Deeksha N, Shubham Wani, Rohan Sheelvant, Harini Dandu, and Abhishek Gaurav won SILVER in BETiC Medical Innovation Challange.

A team consists of Sonu Sourav, Arpit Agarwal, Prateek Jain, and Ojas Raundale won 4th place in Coding Hackathon.


Prof. Nagesh Iyer received Brij Mohan Lal Memorial Prize.

A paper coauthored by Prof. Nagesh Iyer entitled "Design of Elastic Dampers for RC Frame for Site-Specific Earthquake" (published in the series "A" Jl of IEI, Vol 97, Issue 4) has been adjudged as the best paper and has been awarded the prestigious Brij Mohan Lal Memorial Prize.

The Award/Prize will be given at the 32nd Indian Engineering Congress to be held at Hotel Le Royal Meridian,
Chennai on 21 December 2017.

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