Civil and Infrastructure Engineering (2022 Batch Onwards)

Unique and positive points of the program are:

  1. The Department's B.Tech. curriculum is carefully designed considering the requirements of subjects/courses that would make a wholesome engineering student.
  2. The entire focus has been to transfer knowledge on engineering principles, concepts, current developments & practices in a structured manner providing ample opportunity to take electives from a basket of courses permitting interdisciplinary learning and provision for internship, industry interaction, etc.
  3. The knowedge transfer should facilitate the student to enhance their skills, opportunities for employment, and self-sustaining factors.
  4. All of the above is embedded by balancing the number of modules per course and the number of hours of classroom teaching, laboratory, and tutorials.

Semester-wise course credit structure of the program is as follows:

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Overall Credits Required (Minimum) : 260
Semester - I (Total Credits : 37)
Semester - II (Total Credits : 37)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1CE 101Introduction to Civil Engineering2106
2MA 206Introduction to Numerical Methods (1st Half)3104
3MA 103Differential Equations - I (2nd Half)3104
4ME 111Engineering Graphics Laboratory1035
5CS 106Data Structures and Algorithms3006
6CS 111Data Structures and Algorithms Laboratory0033
7ME 113Hands on Engineering Laboratory0033
8ME 201Engineering Materials2106
9NO 102 /NO 104National Sports Organization (NSO)/National Service Scheme (NSS)   PP/NP


Semester - III (Total Credits : 36)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1ME 203 Fluid Mechanics2106
2ME 222Mechanics of Materials2106
3CE 201Building and Construction Materials1126
4HS 201Economics2106
5CE 202Surveying and Geomatics2106
6CE 203Building Planning and Drawing2026


Semester - IV (Total Credits : 36)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1CE 204Hydraulics Engineering2106
2CE 205Structural Analysis2106
3ME 218Solid Mechanics Laboratory2106
4ME 224Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Laboratory2106
5CE 212Surveying & Geomatics Laboratory0033
6CE 301Environmental Studies0033
7CE 206Water Resources Engineering0033
8CE Institute Elective-I0033


Semester - V (Total Credits : 39)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1CE 302Design of Concrete Structures3006
2CE 303Geotechnical Engineering2106
3CE 304Transportation Engineering2106
4CE 311Transportation Engineering Laboratory2106
5CE 312Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory2106
6CE 305Environmental Engineering0033


Semester - VI (Total Credits : 39)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1CE 306Design of Steel Structures2106
2CE 310Sensors Technologies & Instrumentation in Civil Engineering2106
3CE 308Foundation Engineering0033
4CECivil Engineering Credit Seminar2106
5CE 309Estimation and Costing in Civil Engineering0033
6CEInstitute Elective-II1013
7CEHSS Elective-I [from Basket: 1 OR 2] (Professional/Applied Ethics)2106


Semester - VII (Total Credits : 30)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1CE 401Construction Engineering & Management2106
2CE 403Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Design2106
3CEInstitute Elective-V2106
4CEHSS Basket 1 or 2 (Elective-II)2106
5CE ###BTP-I/Program Elective-I2106


Semester - VIII (Total Credits : 6)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1CEBTP-II/Program Elective-II2106