Engineering Physics (2022 Batch Onwards)

Unique and positive points of the program are:

  1. Designed for students who have interest in both Engineering and Physics. The program is interdisciplinary with participation from various disciplines.
  2. Strengthen the scientific basis of any engineering discipline with knowledge in foundations of Physics.
  3. Encourages development of experimental skills in students through various laboratory courses in Physics and Engineering.
  4. Provides students the flexibility to take more advanced coursework and research projects, and to pursue other interests.


Semester-wise course credit structure of the program is as follows:

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Overall Credits Required (Minimum) : 259
Semester - I (Total Credits : 37)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1CH 102Fundamental concepts and applications of chemistry3006
2MA 109Calculus I (1st Half)3104
3MA 121Calculus II (2nd Half)3104
4PH 101Quantum Physics and Applications2106
5BB 103Introduction to Modern Biology3006
6CS 103Introduction to Programming - 1 (Using C) (1st Half)3024
7EE 103Introduction to Programming - 2 (Using Python) (2nd Half)3024
8PH 113Hands on Science Laboratory - I0033
9HS 103Introduction to Fine Arts100PP/NP
10HS 106Design Thinking and Creativity100PP/NP
11NO 101/ NO 103National Sports Organization (NSO)/National Service Scheme (NSS)100PP/NP


Semester - II (Total Credits : 37)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1MA 102Linear Algebra (1st Half)3104
2MA 103Differential Equations - I (2nd Half)3104
3ME 111Engineering Graphics Laboratory1035
4EE 101Introduction to Electrical Systems and Electronics3006
5CS 106Data Structures and Algorithms3006
6CS 111Data Structures and Algorithms Laboratory0033
7ME 113Hands on Engineering Laboratory0033
8PH 102Electricity and Magnetism2106
9NO 102/ NO 104National Sports Organization (NSO)/National Service Scheme (NSS)   PP/NP


Semester - III (Total Credits : 36)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1PH 201Electrodynamics2106
2EE 221Introduction to Probability (1st Half)3003
3EE 229Electronic Devices (1st Half)3003
4EE 202Introduction to Analog Circuits (2nd Half)3003
5EE 210Signals and Systems3006
6ME 201Engineering Mechanics2106
7ME 207Thermodynamics2106
8PH 211Introductory Physics Laboratory0033


Semester - IV (Total Credits : 27)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1PH 202Classical Mechanics2106
2PH 203Quantum Mechanics - I2106
3EE 224Digital Systems3006
4PH 211General Physics Laboratory0033
5EE 214Digital Circuits Laboratory0033
6EE 212Devices and Circuits Laboratory0033


Semester - V (Total Credits : 35)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1PH 304Statistical Mechanics2106
2PH 302Quantum Mechanics - II2106
3EE 321Digital Signal Processing (1st Half)3003
4EE 227Data Analysis (2nd Half)3003
5CS 301Computer Architecture3006
6ME 203Fluid Mechanics2106
7CS 311Computer Architecture lab0033
8EE 315Digital Signal Processing Lab (2nd Half)0042


Semester - VI (Total Credits : 35)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1CE 301Environmental Studies3006
2PH 306Condensed Matter Physics2106
3 HSS Elective – 12106
4 Institute Elective – 12106
5PH 311Advanced Physics Lab0033
6 Seminar – 10033
7MEMechanics and Measurement Laboratory1035


Semester - VII (Total Credits : 34)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1HS 201Economics3006
2 HSS Elective - II3006
3 Seminar – 20044
4 Institute Elective – 22106
5 Institute Elective – 32106
6 Institute Elective – 4 / Project – 12106


Semester - VIII (Total Credits : 18)
S. NoCourse CodeCourse NameLTPC
1 Institute Elective – 52106
2 Institute Elective – 62106
3 Institute Elective – 7/ Project – 22106