High Performance Computing

The HPC (AnantGanak) consists of 31 nodes with all CPU cores. The system is connected to the Intel Omnipath infiniband and has 100 TB storage with a parallel file system. The compute nodes have 20 cores per socket and 2 sockets per node and with the following basic info. 1 Master node (40 cores, 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6146 processor; with 384 GB RAM) 31 Compute nodes (40 cores each, 2x Intel Xeon Gold 6146 processor; with 192 GB RAM/node). The total theoretical TeraFlops for this cluster are 90TF. The machines are of Fujitsu make.  
These machines are housed in the smart-rack with precision cooling. The DGX box of nVIDIA for AI/ML kind of workloads is also integrated into the smart rack.

There are 2 DGX servers. DGX-V100 and DGX -A100 integrated into cluster.  DGX -A100 is part of Space Data Science Lab.

For more information please contact : hpcfic@iitdh.ac.in